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The source water of mountain springs in a certain place contains many microorganisms, and there are great changes in different seasons. It is difficult to remove them by using conventional packaged drinking water treatment processes, which exerts a negative impact on the shelf life of finished water. At present, most mountain spring water enterprises generally remove microorganisms by adding ozone to the water treatment process. However, due to the difficulty in controlling the amount of ozone used, less ozone cannot remove the microbes completely, but too much of it will lead to excessive bromate in the finished water. At present, the quality problems of packaged drinking water products in this area are prominent, and the most serious ones are the high detection rates of bromate and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, resulting in unqualified products.

 Therefore, we hope to seek innovative water treatment solutions through technological transformation (equipment, R&D and production conditions), commissioned R&D, co-construction of pilot tests, maturation bases and other cooperative research funds and scientific and technological cooperation models to ensure that microorganisms and bromate indicators are in line with the national standards.

Publication date 2022-09
Source NETC