Asia Biz Starter

                                       BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT IN ASIA

Expand your business to new Asian markets.
We help you get started!


Asia Biz Starter is a one-stop solution. You choose your market and requirements from a list of options. We take care of the practical stuff so that you can focus 100% on your business objectives.


Asia Biz Starter is a particularly useful solution for small and medium-sized enterprises with high ambitions, but limited market entry budgets.


Asia Biz Starter gives you a solid foundation in the selected market. You can build a business in a supportive environment and with a transparent cost structure. There are no hidden costs!


Asia Biz Starter is offered by a consortium consisting of Danish Industry and professional service providers across Asia.


Let us know your considerations about starting or expanding business in an Asian market. Contact us at sales@bizstarter.dkand we will schedule a call or a meeting.


Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong



Market selection We help you identify the most suitable location for your business via a comparative market examination.
Recruitment We help you hire one or more skillful Local Reps to take charge of day-to-day business in the market of your choice.
Payroll Your Local Reps receive a monthly salary in compliance with prevalent regulations.




Your Local Reps’ employment records are filed with the proper authorities using a proxy so that your own license is not required.
Hosting Your Local Reps are offered workspace with daily support and basic amenities.


Your Local Reps are offered to participate in regular workshops and seminars.




Your Local Reps get access to the Asia Biz Starter group’s comprehensive network of stakeholders.


\ESG support Your Local Reps are offered advice and practical assistance on matters related to ESG reporting under the new EU directives.
Asia Biz Starter



Send us an email with a brief description of your situation and possible requirements. A qualified business consultant from DI will get back to you at once.