Challenge title Smart Technology for Dyeing Machines
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Challenge description We are looking for companies with knowledge of the following requirements:

In the existing printing and dyeing machine, there is a lack of effective measurement of temperature, humidity and other parameters. The control system of the whole process mainly focuses on open loop control, and the setting of process parameters basically depends on the operator experience. The research and development of  project need to design a comprehensive measurement equipment for multi-parameter like the temperature and humidity of machine process for printing and dyeing stereotype. The closed-loop control platform of printing and setting machine based on industrial real-time communication and edge computing should be built, and the process parameter database of printing and setting machine based on knowledge graph should be established to realize the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction of printing and setting machine.

Technical Parameters:

(1)  One humidity sensor suitable for the production and processing technology of the shaping machine. The basic parameters are as follows:

Range of continuous working temperature: -10~+260°℃

Range of temperature measurement: -20~300°C

Measurement accuracy <1.5%RH Accuracy of absolute humidity measurement<2% (2) Build a set of workshop machine networking for stereotypes (3) One set of data acquisition system for setting machine; (4) One set of finalizing process database; (5) The comprehensive energy consumption reduction of the setting machine is more than 15%. Expected to Achieve:

The energy consumption after the technological innovation is no higher than 80% of the consumption before it on the premise of ensuring the quality of fabric dyeing and finishing.

Publication date 2022-07-11
Source NETC