Challenge title Protective fabric R&D
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Challenge description

Challenge background:

This project develops a functional protective fabric with both top protection properties (Anti-stab, anti-cut, wear-resistant, waterproof and anti-fouling) and high-level comfort (soft and breathable). The focus should be put on breakthroughs in key technologies such as the engineering design and preparation of soft, high-energy-absorbing and low-deformation substrates, the preparation of strong and tough micro-nano inorganic powder-reinforced thermosetting resin arrays, and the controllable penetration and precise molding of polymer fluids in fiber aggregates. And it’s essential to clarify the structure-function relationship between the distribution of resin arrays on the surface of flexible fabrics and the protective performance, break the technical blockade of developed countries on high-end stabbing and cutting injury protection materials in our country, and solve the problem of limited high-end flexible and multi-protective integrated materials. The composite fabric or hand protective equipment developed by the project will be used in the fields of national defense and military industry and emergency rescue, including combat gloves, rescue gloves, combat suits, anti-fire clothing, combat boots, rescue boots, rescue backpacks, etc. And it is greatly promising in fields such as industrial protection, sports competition and outdoor leisure.

Technical Parameters:

Anti-cutting performance: ANS1/ISEA 105-2016 standard A9;

Anti-puncture performance: EN388-2016 standard level 4;

Anti-needling: ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 standard level 5;

Wear resistance: EN388-2016 standard level 4;

Movement flexibility: ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 standard level 5;

Air permeability: GB/T5453-1997 standard 30 mm/s.

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