OPPO China invites you to take this opportunity to join forces with others who are trying to use technology to solve social issues. Through the program, OPPO hopes the virtuous technology and innovation can contribute to people’s daily life, and create a better and smarter life together.

Submit your business proposal online and get the opportunity to present it towards local companies, investors, and public decision-makers.


Time: May – September 2022

Location: China

Application format: Online 


The theme of the 2022 OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator is “Virtuous Innovation”. Applicants can submit proposals that fit this theme while targeting one of the two subjects —“Accessible Technology” and “Digital Health”.

Contest Details


The Accessible Technology subject will focus on proposals that increase technological inclusiveness and cater to the diverse needs of different user groups in technological applications or products. Proposals will ideally provide solutions that improve adaption of existing technology for elderly users, support design for accessibility, improve ease of use for disadvantaged groups, etc. Proposals aims to identify ways in which the benefits of technology can be enjoyed by more people in a more accessible way.


The Digital Health subject will focus on technology, products, and services related to healthy lifestyles and intelligent health services. Proposals should aim to leverage innovation in algorithms, sensor technology, data analysis, healthcare products, and healthcare ecosystems to help users improve their general health, their exercise habits, sleeping habits, diet, and mental health, etc. Through digital intelligence, proposals should offer safer and more effective health services and improve public awareness towards healthy living.

Danish companies and entrepreneurs are now also invited to join the contest. Up to 10 proposals will be selected as winners of the 2022 OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator, for which they will receive the following incentives:

  • 300,000 RMB (around 46,000 USD) in prize money
  • Partnership and funding opportunities
  • Commercialization of the proposed idea via integration with products
  • Publicity and demo opportunities at global tech events
  • Commercialization of the proposed idea via integration with products

How to Apply

What we need from you is a brief description of your business solution that underlines WHAT your solution is, WHY it is innovative, and HOW it contributes to people’s lives.

You can submit your proposal directly to the contest organizers. Or you can choose to get support from Dansk Industri’s local consultants first. If you already have a pitch deck, please email it to

When to Apply

Application for the 2022 OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator starts at 18:00 on May 8, 2022, and ends at 24:00 on June 30, 2022, Beijing time (GMT +8 ).