Challenge title Low-carbon Ecological Zone development
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Challenge description

Fusheng Town, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City would like to develop a series of new materials that are locally appropriate and can improve soil carbon sequestration capacity and production quality, reduce the amount of traditional fertilizers and pesticides, and effectively enhance the natural richness of crops. It’s better to form a complete set of characteristic Se-rich ecological agricultural planting mode, create a regional ecological brand and cultivate the quality and brand advantage of selenium-rich agricultural products. In this way, we hope to realize the industrialization development of local distinctive Se-rich ecological agriculture, provide a foundation for Fusheng to build a characteristic Se-rich town, and provide support for the early realization of the goal of rural revitalization and carbon peak in the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Technical Parameters:

(1) Clarify the mechanism of selenium in soil and selenium enrichment in agricultural products, as well as the mechanism of soil carbon sequestration and soil carbon sequestration, and form three to five technical achievements;

(2) Complete the development and application of new materials. And the agricultural products should meet the relevant standards and requirements of GH/T1135-2017 Se-Rich Agricultural Products. The soil carbon sequestration should be increased by 0.5-0.8T /hm2/ A, and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides should be reduced by 5%-10%;

(3) Formulate a set of planting production technology regulations on regional high-value and low carbon Se-rich agricultural products (rice, vegetables, tea).

Expected to Achieve:

It is expected to establish a demonstration zone of high-value and low-carbon ecological agriculture industrialization of no less than 500 mu, and have a small-scale industrialization of research and development results. And it’s advisable to create a number of high-quality Se-rich agricultural products brands, and achieve 1.5 to 2 times higher income per mu of agricultural products than before.

Publication date 2022-7-27
Source NETC