Challenge title  Inspection Robots on Highway
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Major accidents take place frequently on the highway. If the accident is not handled in time or properly, and the damaged fence is not strengthened in time, it will often lead to more tragic secondary accidents. Therefore, patrol inspection of expressways is an important means to avoid expressway traffic risks. Existing highway inspection robots have a high cost and occupy motor vehicle lanes, so they cannot be put into use in large numbers.

We are looking for companies with knowledge of the following requirements:

Develop a low-cost highway inspection robot, which includes a traveling system, a positioning system, and a scanning monitoring system. It can intelligently detect the safety status and accidents of highway fences, monitor highway accidents and road fence status in time, and send them in real time. Alerts, instead of manual patrol inspections, speed up handling process and quality of the incident.

Publication date 2022-01-22
Source NETC