Challenge title Color-Changing Powder
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Challenge description We are looking for companies with knowledge of the following requirements:

At present, the highest temperature resistance of color-changing powder is 210℃, which is only suitable for injection molding of SAN and PP thick-walled products, and they are mainly purchased. It is not suitable for thin-walled products such as Tritan materials with injection molding temperature higher than 260 °C, and does not meet market demands such as environmental protection and weight reduction. The color-changing powder material to be developed must meet the injection molding wall thickness of 1mm and be suitable for high temperature injection molding of Tritan products.

Technical Indicators:

(1) The temperature resistance is greater than 260℃;

(2) The discoloration performance of the product after processing and molding is not distorted.

Publication date 2022-02-25
Source NETC