Challenge title Blood Samples preservation and storage technology
Form of partnership Chinese company looking for technology partners
Category Life Science & Healthcare
Challenge description We are looking for companies with knowledge of the following requirements:

  1. Freeze-drying method: Purify various components in fresh blood and freeze-dry them quickly in a special machine, which can preserve the corresponding blood components for a year. When using, applya special thawing solution to dissolve within a specified time and infuse into the human body.
  2. Whole blood preservation: It is the kind used in street blood donation cars. It is a special disposable blood preservation bag, which contains anticoagulant ingredients and nutrient solution. Blood can only be stored for one month.
  3. The blood must be kept by a regular blood bank and have a shelf life. Once out of standard storage conditions, it must be used immediately. After thecollection ofthe whole blood, it is generally necessary to separate the components by centrifugation.
Publication date 2022-08
Source NETC