Challenge title Thermal Insulation Tent
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Challenge description

Challenge background:

The heating and thermal insulation tent is a facility that provides an independent and comfortable living and use environment for personnel and facilities under low temperature conditions, and is a life support product that maintains the living conditions of personnel.

We are looking for companies with knowledge of the following requirements:

The graphene heating materials and ultra-porous thermal insulation materials can be used to achieve heat output and preservation in an independent space in extremely cold regions, thereby building a warm living environment. At present, the electrothermal conversion efficiency and the thermal insulation rate of the materials are low.

Expected results: 

The heating power of the graphene heating material is required to be at least 36kw, and the electrothermal conversion efficiency is at least 99%; the thermal insulation rate of the ultra-porous thermal insulation material is at least 94%, so that the thermal insulation tent can maintain a room temperature of 20-25 °C in a low temperature environment of -40 °C, and the tent is light and easy to assemble.

Publication date 2022-01-22
Source NETC