The INNO-MATCH EXPO in Shanghai invites you to present competitive solutions for tackling various industry challenges outlined by Chinese enterprises. You get the opportunity to establish a direct conversation with Chinese corporations, and you can meet potential distributors and investors.


Time: May 16th – May 18th, 2022

Location: Shanghai, China 

Theme: Building A Green Future

INNO-MATCH is a three-day fair that includes an exhibition and many individual challenge forums focusing on global technology transfer. INNO-MATCH presents a platform for demonstrating innovative solutions, and for matchmaking between countries, corporations, startups, and academic institutions. Shanghai welcome local and international players to submit business proposals that contribute to the national “dual carbon” strategy, which helps China transform into a greener and leaner society. 

Contest Detail

The 2022 INNO-MATCH EXPO drives green change with demand, promotes green development with results, and facilitates green transformation with talents. As the world’s largest developing country, China will take about 30 years to complete the world’s highest reduction in carbon emission intensity, and to achieve carbon neutrality from carbon peaking in the shortest time in global history. Achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality is an inherent requirement of sustainable development, and it is an extensive and profound economic and social systemic change.

How to Apply

What we need from you is a brief description of your business solution that underlines WHAT your solution is, WHY it is innovative, and HOW it contributes to people’s lives.

You can submit your proposal directly to the contest organizers. Or you can choose to get support from Dansk Industri’s local consultants first. If you already have a pitch deck, please email it to


Electronic Information

 Biology and Medicine 


New Materials

New Energy

Core technologies for carbon neutrality