Challenge title Sustainable packaging solutions
Form of partnership Chinese company looking for technology partners

Tech & Electronics; Clean technology

Challenge description Challenge background:

Many partners concerned about sustainable development are focusing on innovation with packaging as their direction, so is the RedAvenue. However, in addition to innovating low-carbon emerging materials, the RedAvenue also hopes to explore more possibilities from the aspects of processing technology and product design. The types of packaging we pay attention to include express logistics packaging, food packaging, FMCG packaging, takeaway packaging, etc.

We are looking for companies with knowledge of the following requirements:

Emerging materials: Single raw materials or low-carbon, bio-based, and biodegradable materials that could contribute to recycling are used in foam, tape and other materials.

Green processing: management systems such as digital production, information and resource recovery, and smart factory-related solutions such as carbon dioxide reuse.

Innovative design: lightweight and reduced packaging design, packaging design to increase storage, technology-based innovation, such as cutting-edge packaging design that can be applied to inks, coatings, sensors, inserts, small packaging and active packaging.

Source Impact Hub