Challenge title architectural 3D printers
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Challenge description Challenge background:

Cement-based architectural 3D printers use polymer fiber cement mortar as raw material. Generally, it is pumped to the print head after mixing with water. During the pumping process, it should have sufficient fluidity so as not to block the pipe. After the head is extruded, it should solidify quickly without collapsing. However, since cement is a hydraulic material, with the progress of printing, the material gradually hardens in the mixer and pipeline, which is easy to cause pipe blockage. Therefore, the operator is required to interrupt the printing and use a high-pressure water gun to flush the mixer and pumping pipe. This process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, which greatly affects the printing efficiency.

We are looking for companies with knowledge of the following requirements:

A fully automatic and unmanned cement-based construction 3D printer feeding system.

Effects Needed to Achieve: Realize automatic proportioning of materials, feeding, stirring and flushing, or no flushing.

Publication date 2022-03-04
Source NETC