Fabernovel: Chinafication – a playbook for niche beauty brands to localize in China


As the first beauty market in the world, China has become a critical playground for brands to succeed in. Boosted by e-commerce and Live Streaming, populated by increasingly sophisticated consumers and powerful homegrown brands, crossed through by culturally-specific currents, and increasingly decoupled from the rest of the world, the Chinese beauty market calls for more localization than ever before.

In this study, Fabernovel put together their deep-dive research, key learnings and past experiences to help global niche beauty brands achieve compliance and competitiveness.

Through culture, content, community, commerce and collaboration, Chinastication is a key for beauty brands’ success.

In this 70+ slides report, Fabernovel decodes how to strike cultural relevance and leverage local hot topics to build cult-like following, with inspirations from C-beauty brands.

They build a localization framework of 5 identified localization dimensions, with granular cases of international niche brands, like Farmacy, Fenty Beauty, Penhaligon’s, Aesop…