Sense China Network

It’s time to learn about China!

The Sense China Network is for people with an interest in the commercial, technological, and political aspects of China’s modernization. We offer a forum for you to gain knowledge and to exchange experiences with your peers.

✔ Become a first mover in tech applications

China is at the forefront of introducing disruptive new business models. Get inspired by how the Chinese ‘users-before-customers’ perspective is reinventing the shopping experience, how emerging technologies are being integrated across the manufacturing sector, how AI solutions designed for surveillance are being adapted for commercial purposes. And much more.

✔ Understand the implications

China’s rapid technological progress is inspiring for many – but a concern for others. Find out what is true and false in the debate about China’s aspirations. Participate in discussions about the implications for the rest of the world. Hear from China’s own people what they hope and believe will be their country’s future place in the world.    

✔ Build personal relationships

The network inhabits many interesting people with a shared interest in China. Join our community and build your own relationships to peers, and to key players in the Chinese ecosystem for business, innovation, and tech development.

What you get

Price and format

The annual cost for a basic membership is DKK 1000. Membership is open to employees in Danish companies, organizations, and public institutions. The membership belongs to you personally and entitles you to a wide range of benefits. You can join at any time simply by sending us an email.