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Featured Mentors



I am the co-founder and partner at Leaf Digital and Somegu with many years working experience in both Danish and Chinese companies with a focus on digital solutions for Western companies operating in the Chinese market.



Ann Christin is the current CMO at Ehubnordic, helping Nordic firms to enter the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce, providing firms direct online access to China.

Having worked in the industry for the past 6 years, she has a vast experience and in-depth knowledge on market trends, branding, consumer behavior, online sales, digital marketing, and more. During the years she has worked with fashion, design, skin care, food, health care, supplements etc.


Noam is from Denmark and has lived in China since 2005. He is co-founder of in Shanghai that helps Scandinavian companies with market access, company set-up and operations in China. Services include practical advice, business, and legal support. Noam has solid know-how and hands-on experience with the critical success factors of doing business in China.



Nishtha is a Corporate Innovation Coach, executive leadership trainer and change facilitator. She has worked with China, India, and Asia for more than 18 years. Nishtha delivers collaborative leadership and digital innovation capabilities for corporate workplaces with the purpose to manage uncertainties, co-create business innovation models, and nurture the entrepreneur culture.


Bryce is a 25-year veteran of marketing communications and 16 total years in China. His expertise includes China digital marketing, social commerce, data marketing, CRM and brand activation. He has successfully launched both small and large brands in China for global and Chinese companies.


Jun obtains a Master degree from Aalborg University and is an experienced Cross-border Marketer who has been dedicating her career within Marketing and Sales since 2004 across Denmark and China. In the last 7 years, Jun was based in Shanghai and has supported various brands for their Chinese Marketing launch and market entry projects. Jun was also Co-Chair of Marketing Committee at AmCham Shanghai.



Riccardo Benussi is Head of European Business Development at Dezan Shira & Associates, based in Munich, Germany.

Before taking on this role, Riccardo was based in Shanghai for over six years and managed an International Business Advisory team for Shanghai, Suzhou and Ningbo. Riccardo assisted foreign investors with strategic advisory. His areas of expertise include setting up of foreign invested enterprises and representative offices and intellectual property protection. His industry experience includes manufacturing, heavy machinery and food and beverage.